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Taking Your Seat at the Fire

“Taking Your Seat at the Fire” continues the conversation around culturally responsive resources. Leona Prince, Professional Learning Team Member, shares with us ways in which we embed Aboriginal perspectives into all parts of the curriculum in a meaningful and authentic manner. Here is a quick tour of ERAC resources that can be used to support Aboriginal perspectives.

Taking Your Seat at the Fire – Full Video

Part 1: Setting the Stage

Part 2: Starting Points

Part 3: Fire

Part 4: Earth

Part 5: Water

Part 6: Air

Part 7: Coding in an Indigenous Context

Part 8: Stories

Why Use the BC Digital Classroom Resources?

Cari Wilson, a member of the Professional Learning Team, provides a quick “fly by” of the resources that are available to all ERAC members including the BC Digital Classroom Core Collection, “a la carte” options and curriculum support material.

BC Digital Classroom Overview

Video Clips & Templates

Below are short video clips and PowerPoint templates that you can use to further explore and customize presentations for your District or school.

Introduction to Gale In Context

Demo – Exploring Explora and EBSCOHost

Demo – World Book Science Power Teacher Use

Demo – World Book Kids: Engaging Early Learners

Exploration of SAMR Model

The following presentation is intended as an introduction or ‘101’ type course for the BC Digital Classroom for K-12. It has been created as a ‘scaffold’ to be adapted based on district and audience. Review “Presentation Format Slides” prior to beginning a presentation for an introduction and suggested speaking points for each of the slides.