Vendor Support
-Anytime, Anywhere Access-
Each vendor provides different support pieces to help you quickly embed their products in your daily practice. If you are experiencing a problem, contact the vendor salesperson and let ERAC know what type of problem you are experiencing.


myBlueprint Education Planner

About myBlueprint

Contact Info

Damian Matheson
Partner Development
Phone: 416–901–5555

Contact Info

David Lubin
Regional Sales Manager Canada
Mobile: 416.454.6393

Gale Integration Toolkit

Toolkit – The system will ask you to provide or find the site code so it shows resources you have – likely district number and school initials.
Free Promotional materials for download and ordering
Technical Implementation details

Gale Tech Support – You have instant access to a variety of support materials, from usage stats to technical support to training Webinars. Get information when and how you want it.


Media Smarts Passport to the Internet

About Media Smarts

Contact Info

Michael Pilon
Sr. Subscription Renewal Specialist
Gale | Cengage Learning
Office: 800.877.4253 x.18150

Contact Info

Diane van Rens
Web Manager
Office: 613-224-7721 ext. 234

Contact Info

Shed Simas
Office: 604-883-2730
Toll-Free: 1-800-667-2988